Change Facilitation

How do you change successfully?

Whether you are introducing new processes and policies or plan to implement new software, managing human change is an essential ingredient in your recipe for success.

Most of the time, people affected by change can be grouped into one of the following:

  • Those who are ready for change and want their leaders to “show them the way” or
  • Those who don’t yet get it and need help to understand why change is going to happen

At Haygarth Consulting, we seek to understand the culture of the organization so that throughout our engagement, we try to identify opportunities to:

  • encourage a variety of input
  • give the “quiet person” as much chance to contribute as anyone else
  • remind the team of the reason(s) why we’re doing this
  • explore people’s fears and concerns so we can find ways to allay them

Executive support for any project is a vital pre-requisite for its success.  We start each engagement by addressing topics such as explicit involvement, reviewing staff priorities so they can participate properly, and recognizing staff contributions to the output.

This diagram puts it neatly together.

Components for Successful Change Management