A Software Selection Christmas Tale

A Software Selection Christmas Tale  with apologies to those who dislike puns….

In the remote little village of ACUMATICA, somewhere on the GREAT PLAINS, a finance guy called JD EDWARDS woke up one morning and mused “Will today be just another WORKDAY?”

He needed a new system for his company, so he consulted a well-known SAGE in the software industry.  JD asked him, “O great ORACLE, how can I be a FINANCIAL FORCE for my company? I need to be able to tailor the software to my business processes.”

JD knew of many software products, and the SAGE updated him on the changing DYNAMICS of the market. However, he worried that choosing the wrong one would SAP his company’s resources and also make his PEOPLESOFT.

So with an independent ERP consultant to help him, JD looked at a few leading cloud solutions over the next couple of weeks. After doing his due diligence he made his decision and went home.

That night as he went to sleep, he said to himself, “Well, now I can rest knowing that my company’s data is INTACCT.”

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When it comes to ERP, CRM, Accounting and other business software, remember “An Ounce of Selection Is Worth A Pound of Implementation.”

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