Welcome to Haygarth Consulting, where we Listen Intently, Think Holistically, Ask Incisively

We help you address two main types of questions:

  • How do we select (and implement) the right business software for our organization?
  • How do we improve the way our business processes work so that our strategy execution is better?

In the rest of this website, we’ll discuss how we do this.



Len Green – Founder’s bio

My career is a combination of Big 4 Public Accounting, Industry Financial Leadership and Management Consulting, working with people from all continents and various cultures

People see me as extremely versatile with the ability to learn rapidly, understand both the business and finance/accounting aspects; I have worked in many industries and countries

For over 20 years, I have focused on operations/process improvements and technology evaluation, selection and organizational change management projects.

I am passionately enthusiastic, honest and loyal about helping find solutions/making improvements

I’ve designed a global Financial Management and Accounting solution as part of an ERP development project


I’ve presented and published numerous times on business software selection and implementation.


A Software Selection Christmas Tale

A Software Selection Christmas Tale  with apologies to those who dislike puns…. In the remote little village of ACUMATICA, somewhere on the GREAT PLAINS, a finance guy called JD EDWARDS woke up one morning and mused “Will today be just another WORKDAY?” He needed a new system for his company, so he consulted a well-known SAGE …

CFO -Protection or Productivity Role?

Years back, when I had more hair on my head, the corporate office of the enterprise I worked for at the time brought in a BCG trained consultant to work with the management teams of each operating division.  One of the take-aways from the strategic planning session was this summary of the role of the senior Finance …

Why Wait? The Cost of Doing Nothing

Your company is doing well, making money. It does so in spite of some known, but ignored, issues. No one really feels pain at present, do they? There is no “burning platform.”   Sometime in the future, you instinctively know, one or more issues will become a noticeable pain. Continuing to ignore an issue no …


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